Northampton Peace Activists Initiate Fast for Palestine, and Invite all to Join

Calling on their neighbors and friends to join them, a coalition of Northampton peace activists initiated a fast for Palestine on December 12, 2023. Pax Christi MA is supporting this effort, which is described in this press release. The fast will be maintained until all of the area’s elected officials support two main demands:

1.      A permanent ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank.
2.      Enforcement by the President and Congress of the Leahy Law with respect to the Israel Defense Forces.  This law prohibits shipment of U.S. weapons to gross violators of human rights.
Click here for a descriptive flyer, which includes more background information and contact information for Central/Western MA legislators.
Neighbors and friends who wish to show solidarity are invited to join the fasters as outlined in the flyer, join in some modified form (e.g., one day per week) and/or support the fasters with prayer.